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Moving House Tips

When moving into a new residence you must always rekey your locks.

Rekeying, also known as change combination of locks,, recode locks, change barrels, re-barrel locks. The locksmith rekeys your existing locks so that the current key no longer works, and then provides new keys to work the lock.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or just renting, you need to secure your family and belongings by rekeying your locks.

Ever thought how many people have keys to your home or residence?

Previous tenants, their relatives, their friends. The handyman, the tradesperson, who fixed that minor problem, the estate agent, the person who almost bought it, etc.

Thieves usually strike a couple of months after you move in with all your belongings, and a high percent of the time they have a key!! Don’t risk it, rekey your locks as soon as you start moving your contents in.

Not all people who have a key to your property mean you harm, but they can still give you a major fright. Susan aged 24years recently purchased her first property – a unit. One month after moving in at 2am in the morning a person jumped onto the end of her bed and yelled surprise! And what a surprise, not only for Susan, but, also the intruder. The intruder was making a surprise visit to her cousin with the key she had kept from her last holiday two years ago. Seems her cousin neglected to inform her that he had sold his apartment. We have since rekeyed the locks to Susan’s’ apartment so that she can sleep well again.

Don’t risk your family and belongings. Call Essential Locksmiths now and have your external locks rekeyed and sleep easy at night.


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